Wooden Edge

Available sizes

description sizes (mm)
American maple edge 22-35-45
Chestnut edge 22
American cherry edge 22-35-45
Douglas edge 22
Raw beech edge 22
Ash edge 22-35-45
Mahogany edge 22
European walnut edge 22-35-45
Elm edge 22
Pine edge without knots 22
Oak edge 22-35-45
Tanganic edge 22-35-45
American maple edge pre-glued 22-35-45
Preloaded chestnut edge 22
Pre-glued American cherry edge 22-35-45
Douglas precollato edge 22
Pre-harvested raw beech edge 22
Pre-loaded ash board 22-35-45
Mahogany edge precollato 22
Pre-clustered national walnut edge 22-35-45
Pre-glued elm edge 22
Pre-glued pine edge without knots 22
Precooked oak edge 22-35-45
Tanganyika edge precollato 22-35-45

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