Plotte - Pavimento Preassemblato

Legnonord’s pre assembled floors, natural, long lasting, without maintenance and easy to place, are ideal to create an outdoor space or expand an existent area in a short time.
In 2021, for the whole year, there are a great deal of Italian towns that offer up their public ground and land for free to different businesses to use.
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Available Essences


stave width (mm) length (mm)
20x105x910 910 880
20x105x1210 1210 550
20x105x1510 1510 880
20x105x1810 1810 880
21x145x930 930 900
21x145x1230 1230 600
21x145x1530 1530 900
21x145x1830 1830 900


stave width (mm) lenght (mm)
19x90x890 890 570
19x90x1190 1190 570
19x140x1190 1190 588

Angelim Amargoso

stave width (mm) length (mm)
21x145x1240 1240 912
21x145x1540 1540 912
21x145x1850 1850 912

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